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[ASMR] The Gaming Store 4


*open for lots of info*
Ohhh ho ho you didn't think I was gonna pull this outta nowhere did ya??? GAMING STORE 4!! I've wanted to shoot this for a while since I've started streaming on twitch ( and decided to include livestreaming tools in this video to sort of reflect what gaming is like in 2018! I haven't been to a Gamestop in about a year or so lolol oops. Amazon + digital downloads are my life now.

My head is red is because I was messing with my hat and my skin is insanely sensitive. I'm fine lol.

The McCree and Reaper are from but I'm not sure if they're on her site!

I hope you enjoy!! I decided to not green screen this one because I had a few green objects and I didn't want to kill Vestman. Also I kind of like the old school vibe like my other Gaming store vids c:

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thank you so much for watching!!

PS I looked -- I have a Logitech G403 mouse!

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